About Bill Gates

This poem was inspired by Bill Gates always threatening to retire - without his ever doing so. I believe he will retire someday, not altogether soon, and then he'll join Paul Allen in the new base on the moon. They will give escorted trips to visitors, pointing out computer monitoring devices and other neat new relics of how Gates and Allen plan on taking over the Universe, sometime within our lifetimes. And of course plans will be expressed on how Mars is to be settled and colonized by the time anyone else takes over the computer operating systems of the Earth, whether they actually do or not.


Opening slowly to the Internet are the big Windows
of chaos's charms and the sparks of bright desires.
This is the age of the Silver Surfer who next aspires
to home businesses and the clever sports of fools
bending over backward to create artwork that rules.
Fanfiction that rocks is the freebie standard of one
when you own websites, blogs, wikis and email fun.

We list our products for short sale - and multiple cars
are lined up to be viewed later on real Venus and Mars.
This is the night of expanding of virtual online games
and the ever changing problem of creating silly names.
Invisible are your buddies until their pictures are seen
as the universe gets on is safe and even keeps serene.
The keyboard door of order's dreams is still unknown,
as usernames and passwords are seldom overthrown.

We choose every scheme regarding teen dream queens
with colorful search engine optimization taking a stand,
for those recreating the Crystallizing of Gondwanaland.

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