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The greatly abridged Bill Gates Biography series. Here is the first installment of the Bill Gates Biography series. There has been enormous demand for more accurate Bill Gates biographies in the market that cover his rise to fortune. A great Bill Gates biography will show you the keys to greatness in any calling.

Bill Gates was born and raised in the greater Seattle area in a middle-upper class family. His father was a highly respected attorney and taught Bill Gates a tremendous amount about business and negotiating. Bill Gates understood from a very early age the importance of legal maneuvering to gain advantage in business. He was exceptional in math during his early years of schooling, and translated that skill into computer programming where he was given a more tangible medium to express this skill creatively. Bill Gates was also a very well rounded student, embracing a liberal arts education that would provide him with a strong grasp of how the world worked. In his education, however, he literally became obsessed with computer programming and this fatefully led him to meet his future Microsoft mate, Paul Allen. The two became the best of friends in their youth, sharing in many computer programming projects, many of which earned them money.

Gates went on to attend Harvard for his college career. In this time at college he knew that he wanted to start a business within the computer industry, but he didn't know where exactly he wanted to enter. It virtually wasn't a real possibility for smaller companies to become competitors because there weren't personal computers available for the public; it was more reserved for large corporations operating mainframe computers. The advent of this PC gave Gates the impetus to find an outlet for his business. So Gates and Allen decided to make their move within the software niche of the computer industry, writing programs that would run the computers. They knew it was their specialty and that it was the smartest market to enter.

They received their first deal with a computer company in Albuquerque, NM, and Gates decided to take a leave of absence from school in his sophomore year to pursue this dream. They negotiated a deal that was not particularly in their best interest, but they knew it was their only road to success. The one caveat of their agreement was found in a clause that allowed them an out if the computer company wasn't pulling their weight in marketing Microsoft's first computer program, BASIC. The turn of events that would unfold would forever change the landscape of the computer industry and lead Microsoft into becoming the industry standard in computer software. Part II of the Bill Gates Biography series will be coming soon.

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